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Presenting the PE240002 You Deserve Better - Simple Silver Twinkle Star Pendant, an exquisite design that skillfully blends sophistication and understatement. This beautiful pendant, which costs only £9.99, is made to make you feel unique every day. The pendant's rhodium-plated finish over brass, which ensures a long-lasting lustre and resistance to tarnish, was crafted with great attention to detail. A protective coating enhances the longevity and brilliance of the rhodium plating. The brilliant 5A Grade Cubic Zirconia, which is known for having clarity and brightness that rivals genuine diamonds, steals the stage.

The pendant, which is roughly 14 mm wide and 14 mm tall, is the ideal size for a combination of subtlety and statement. Whether used for formal occasions or everyday wear, it is the perfect size to lend a dash of elegance to any ensemble. Given that it is suitable for even the most delicate skin, you can gift it with confidence. With a dazzling touch, the Simple Silver Twinkle Star Pendant adds a genuine "You deserve better" statement to your collection.

A simple star design ideal for everyday wear. Wearing a twinkle star-shaped pendant has several potential benefits:
1. Fashion Statement: It adds a stylish and eye-catching accessory to your outfit, enhancing your overall look.
2. Symbolism: The star shape often symbolizes guidance, hope, and inspiration, serving as a meaningful reminder of positive qualities or aspirations.
3. Personalized Meaning: Depending on the individual, the star pendant might hold personal significance, representing achievements, goals, or cherished memories.
4. Mood Boost: Wearing something aesthetically pleasing or meaningful can contribute to a positive mood and sense of well-being throughout the day.

Information & Fit - 

Finish: Rhodium plated over brass with a protective coating

Stone: 5A Grade Cubic Zirconia.

Approximate Size - 14mmW x 14mmH 

At SG, all our jewellery is not only exquisite and durable but also Nickel-free, Lead-free, Cadmium-free and hypoallergenic, ensuring that your gift is safe to wear.


Our Packaging - 

Presented in a reusable soft velvet pouch: Our jewelry comes with a logo-stamped reusable soft velvet pouch, symbolizing our commitment to quality and preserving your jewelry’s enduring beauty.

  Velvet Pouch Included

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